50th Anniversary Mark

50th Anniversary Graphic

This page is kept up for posterity, use of the mark is no longer appropriate.

In 2015, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs celebrated its 50th anniversary. A special icon design — referred to as the 50th mark — was created to assist in marketing and promotion of anniversary-related events and initiatives throughout the calendar year.

When is it appropriate to use the mark?

The 50th anniversary mark was used in promoting the UCCS anniversary year and associated marketing or events beginning January 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2015. It was not intended as a replacement for the university’s logo signature. Care should be exercised to ensure it reinforces—rather than conflicts with—the UCCS academic mission, identity and brand.

Be sure to read the usage guidelines included with the download.


50th Graphic for Email Signatures

These tiny files are perfect for including in email signatures.

UCCS logo for email signatures
The standard graphic is preferred. Download the .png

UCCS logo for email signatures
The mini graphic is also available. Download the .png

If you have any questions about the 50th Anniversary graphic, please feel free to ask a question. Someone from University Marketing will respond shortly. 

UCCS 50th Anniversary Mark UCCS 50th Anniversary Mark usage guidelines